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Rapid ResponseTM Urine Analyzer 120 with Barcode Reader

Product Information
Product Code: UA-U121
Sample: N/A
Sensitivity: Please contact us for details
Specificity: Please contact us for details
Time-to-Result: 60 seconds
Storage Condition: 0-40°C/32-104°F
Test Principle: Reflectance Photometer

1 Analyzer
1 Strip Holder
2 Printer Paper Rolls
2 Fuses (2.0A)
1 Barcode Reader
1 Serial Splitter Cable
1 Power Cord
1 Quick Start Guide
1 User Manual

The Rapid ResponseTM Urine Analyzer U121 is a urine test strip reader compatible with the Rapid ResponseTM Urinalysis Reagent Strips. It runs a self-test before each urine strip test or each time the power switch is turned on and it stores results and prints reports without the need for special training. This product also features a barcode reader that records patient identification. It is intended for in vitro diagnostic use only. The results will be displayed on the screen and stored in memory after each test.