Product Information
Product Code: FLUAB-19C15
Sample: Nasopharyngeal Washes and Aspirates
Format: Cassette
Quantity: 15 Tests/Kit
Specificity: Influenza A & Influenza B Antigens
Accuracy: Flu A: 91.6%, Flu B: 99.2%
Time to result: 15 minutes
Storage Condition: 15-30°C/59-86°F
Test Principle: Lateral Flow Immunoassay
15 Flu A Test Cassettes
15 Flu B Test Cassettes
30 Extraction Tubes with Filter Caps
60 Disposable 250μl Pipettes
2 Bottles of Extraction Buffer (15 mL each)
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Product Description
The Rapid ResponseTM Influenza A and Influenza B Test Cassettes are rapid, qualitative tests for the detection of influenza type A and B nucleoprotein antigens from nasal washes and aspirate samples, to aid in the diagnosis of influenza A and influenza B infections. They are intended for professional in vitro diagnostic use only. Interpretation of test results are: Flu A OR Flu B positive (two lines), negative (one line), invalid (no lines or no Control line).

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